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How can I use the sports line for my needs?

We give the main examples for what sports data can be used. And how you will use them - it is only up to you.

BET API Sports Data

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Integrate sports matches on the site

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Russia started a war with Ukraine on February 24, 2022. We do not support this decision. Therefore, we stop any cooperation with clients located on the territory of: Russia, Belarus.

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We offer Sports line, for free for 2 days!

Produces a period to take for review Api sports line for 2 days. This is absolutely free. Also we have reduced the tariffs for all sports api for the period of integration.

To start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

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For the bookmaker

Create your own bookmaker

With the help of our line you can create your own bookmaker 's office, and run a full-fledged gaming business. For this we have all necessary sports data, namely:

Sportbook Line and Live

Full spectrum of sporting events and sporting data with frequent updating and up-to-date data.

Sports results

Full sports results for completed matches, their score not only the main game but also additional events.

There is a temporary discount on our Sports line.

Buy full sports line Api NOW - $500

For sports forecasts

With the help of our data, you can create a forecast system, or automate your own.

Make a dynamic addition of data, with a wave of our sports line, and create your own forecasts for sports in 1 minute.

We also provide forecast outcome statuses (win, lose, return).. This system works only with our sports line.

create a forecast system
sports data analytics

For analytics, the sport of data

Use our line and results for your needs. Perform logical analyses with matches.

Compare the coefficients that were before the match and those that go in real time In-line.

With our convenient API,you can do it with ease!

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Don 't think long, try it right away!

I want a test! I want a demo!

SportBook - Full Sports Line and Live with bookmaker ratios.

Our website - happy to provide you a Full Line and Live on all sports that exist today. From us you can take sports events which have not yet started, or which are already in Live mode. The results of matches, the final score are also provided to your attention.

SportBook — is a complete package that includes: Sports, Countries, Championships, Sports events, Sports outcomes (necessary for bookmakers), Score, results.

If you need a line for a bookmaker, we can offer customizable ratios and limits. You can manage % coefficients, matches, countries yourself. In general, you will be able to enable and disable virtually all necessary data. Also, we can offer calculation on rates and results on all sports events for 5 years.

 Key Features of the Sports Line

Key features of the Sports Line?

  1. The qualitative, adjusted line. Huge number of sporting events (Sports, Country, Championship, Game, Outcomes);
  2. The most important choice of outcomes or types of bets;
  3. In Live - over 30,000 events per month and over 1,000 events per day;
  4. Update Sports Live and real-time lines;
  5. Increased or reduced coefficients for players - here you decide what you need!
Connect Sports Line + API

API Sports Line Connection

The entire data massive is provided in json format, which simplifies the processing of information, and performs integration into any niche of the system as desired. With our flexible structure, you will be able to integrate into your site in the shortest possible amount of time.

Popular from Sports by Line/Live which are included in the package:

The Sports Line package, which you connect on APi includes all current sports events on the Line (Primatch), Live Results of all games played.

Api Football Integration
Integration Api Hockey
Integration Api Basketball
Integration Api Tennis
Integration Api Baseball
Integration Api Volleyball
Integration Api Table tennis
Table tennis
Integration Api American soccer
American soccer
Integration Api Formula one
Formula one
Integration Api Cyber sport
Cyber sport
Integration Api Single combats
Single combats
Integration по Api sport data
And other 280+

View all Sports on Line / Live that are available in the SportBook

There is a temporary discount on our Sports line.

Buy full sports line Api NOW - $500

Sports Event Package Options

We delivered the most distributed packages that users like

$ 20 /month

1 Спорт

  • 1type sport
  • from 200 pieces
  • Live line
  • 2 languages (ru, en)
  • API choice
  • 24/7 support
  • 1 domain

$ 130 /month

10 sports

  • Any 10 sports
  • from 200 pieces
  • Live line
  • 2 languages (ru, en)
  • API choice
  • 24/7 support
  • 1 domain

$ 1200 /month

All sportbook

  • All sport
  • from 200 pieces
  • Live line
  • 5 languages
  • API choice
  • 24/7 support
  • 1 domain
  • Results

$ 99 /month


  • All sport
  • from 200 pieces
  • 1 languages
  • Completed
  • in 2 weeks
  • 24/7 support
  • 1 domain

Benefits of the Sports API Line

A variety of Live Line data for a variety of purposes

We are found by such requests: